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OOur third grade classes just completed their Sound investigations.  They explored sound through different hands on activities .  They learned how sound travels through air, liquid and solids.  They studied high and low pitches, and vibrations. They also learned about echolocation and how humans and animals use echolocation. Their research application project was to create something that made high or low pitches.  Look at all their great projects!


he American Society of Safety Engineers recently donated gym padding for the safety of our students when they play basketball under the basketball hoop near the South Wall of the gym.  Thank You so much for your generous donation!

Camras and the American Society of Safety Engineers have worked together in the past.  Our students have participated in safety poster contests and the American Society of Safety Engineers have come to school to educate students on safety.  We look forward in continuing this partnership for our students' education and safety.

Twenty-five of Marvin Camras' 8th graders visited Schurz High School for an Engineering Workshop and to tour Schurz' Career Technical Education programs on November 25.  They worked on hands on activities such as soldering/desoldering circuits, engineering a Water Tower with pipe cleaners, re-assembling a giant 3D Cube, and trying their hand with 3D Autodesk Inventor software,  Our students wish to thank Schurz High School for the opportunity to explore engineering activities. 

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