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7th Grade Biome Project: Ms. Smith/Mr. Proper

Students in 7th grade recently took part in a Science and Art integrated project. In this project students worked in groups and were given a biome to research within their Science class. Each group was responsible for representing information pertinent to their biome through various mediums including, not not limited to, a research paper, brochures, food chains, and data. Students utilized researched and gathered information within their Science course and in turn brought that information to Art where they learned how to display and present it in one cohesive design.

In order to showcase the students’ research creatively and to incorporate visual representations of each biome group, the use of murals gave students the opportunity to utilize the information they’ve gathered in a creative way. By creating a “tour of the biomes” students, not only learn aspects regarding their biome in a creative way, but they must recall information that they’ve learned or incorporated in order to present and showcase their environment to a larger audience. Researching their biome in Science allows students to gather information and focus on the academic aspects of their project. By integrating Art, students are able to use that information that they’ve gathered in a creative way. This gives students the opportunity to reflect on that information and represent it visually. By creating a “tour of the biomes”, students must recall both their research and the creative process in which they’ve decided to represent their information. These three aspects of research, design, and presentation reinforce information and allow students with different learning styles to succeed.

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