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hat does Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have to do with Spooky Halloween?  Everything!  Marvin Camras hosted it's 2nd annual Spooky STEM Night on Thursday, October 29 from 5pm - 6:30pm and it was "SPOOK"-tacular!!

Students, families, and staff explored the different STEM activities with a Spooky Twist!  They made Zombie Slime, Lava Lamps, and Mini-Pumpkin Pies!  They chose their favorite Fall or Halloween background and took a picture of themselves using Green "Scream" (screen) technology! They experienced Hair Raising static charges with the Van de Graaf Generator!  Many had fun trying to build the tallest free standing structure in the Marshmallow Engineering Challenge!  And they had a blast dancing to the steps of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" song!

This year was even better than last year because Camras' Student Council hosted a Haunted Hallway and our Art Teacher, Mr. Proper hosted a class Pumpkin Decorating Contest! All in all, our event was a howling success!! Over 700 people attended our Spooky STEM Night and Haunted Hallway event!!  Thank you to all our parent, student and staff volunteers that helped make this happen!

Our 7th grade students were recently guests at Belmont-Cragin Elementary school to participate in Honeywell's Forces in Motion Interactive Hip Hop STEM show.  They learned about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion in a fun interactive way!  They learned that an object will stay at rest (like being stuck on a velcro wall) unless acted by an outside force.  They also learned that bigger forces are required for bigger masses (like trying to kick a soccer ball that is taller that you!).  They also learned that when an object exerts a force on a second object, the second object is exerting the same force to the first object in an equal but opposite directions (like when leaning up against a wall!).

Thanks Belmont-Cragin school for allowing us this great science experience!


miles, laughter and creative exploration all came together for one week in July during Marvin Camras' Summer Camp Invention!  75 students worked on taking apart machines, learning about various inventors and inventions, and prototyping their own video game story! They also worked on water challenges - while getting wet along the way - which culminated with building and competing in their own freestyle racing carts!  

This STEM learning curriculum was through the United States Patent and Trademark Office and was sponsored by the CH2M Hill foundation.  This summer camp was an amazing creative experience for our students.  We are so thankful for CH2M Hill's generosity. Thank you!

Read more about our Camp Invention week here at MSU's web publication!

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